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NODA VISA Check Card Application


Cirrus Network     •     Pulse Network     •     Visa Network
Any ATM machine or Retailer that has the above Network connections.

To report a Visa Check Card Lost or Stolen, call (866) 546-8273

Once approved, your Visa Check Card will be mailed to your home address on record in approximately 10 days. For Security reasons, your PIN number will arrive separately after you receive your Visa Check Card.

  • Your Visa Check Card is used just like a Visa Credit Card. If the card is used to get Cash (at an ATM or from a Retailer), you must select the DEBIT Key and enter your PIN, for all other transactions, select the CREDIT Key and Sign your receipt.
  • There is no limit on the number of Visa Check Card purchases you may make per day.
  • There is no limit on the number of cash withdrawals you may make in any one day from an ATM machine. However, ATM cash withdrawals are limited to $500.00 per day or your balance whichever is less and Visa Check Card purchases are limited to $2,500 per day or your balance whichever is less.
Drafts & Checks Returned unpaid (NSF) $25.00 per item
ACH Items Returned unpaid (NSF) $25.00 per item
Deposited Items Returned unpaid (NSF) $25.00 per item
Item Returned Account Closed $25.00 per item
Monthly Share Draft Fee $10.00 per month if balance falls below $300 during the month
Share Draft Photocopy Fee $ 1.50 per check copy
Stop Payment Fee $ 5.00 upon placement
Stop Payment Fee $15.00 upon presentment
Account History/Statement Reprint $ 1.50 per statement
Member Privilege Overdraft Fee $ 25.00
Share Draft Checks $ depending on style ordered
Visa Check Card Initial Issue Fee N/C
Visa Check Card Unscheduled Replacement $ 15.00
Visa Check Card Re-issue Pin $ 5.00
ATM Withdrawals $ 1.00 per transaction (plus the machine charge)
ATM Inquiries $ N/C
POS Transactions $ N/C